A few weeks ago I told you about my cyber-friend Sid Busch’s attempt to run his 200th marathon in memory of fallen soldiers. While he didn’t complete that event, he can now say Mission Complete!

I knew Sid was going make another attempt at 200 at the Baltimore marathon, so Saturday afternoon I was glued to Facebook. People from across the country were tagging posts with #2ooForSid to cheer him on. Folks in Baltimore were posting updates.

Source: Baltimore Running Festival

Source: Baltimore Running Festival

Sid had a posse of supporters with him to make sure he finished. And the city of Baltimore gave him a police escort toward the end of the event. The Baltimore Marathon festival made him a tape to break, something usually reserved for the first place finisher and Sid has a place of honor on its homepage. You can click here to see Sid finish his 200th marathon which he ran in memory of TSGT Brian Theobald and COL Bradley T. Arms. I can’t confirm this, but I believe the gentleman giving him his medal is the father of one of these servicemen.

I only met Sid once, but I feel like I know him. And I’m so proud I can hardly stand it. #200ForSid!



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