Snapshot Saturday 10/10/15: Going the Extra Mile

My friend, Adrienne is training for her first half marathon. I was supposed to do it with her, but I procrastinated and it sold out before I registered. I found another half closer to home that takes place the same day (December 5). Adrienne and I are using the Hal Higdon Novice plan, the plan I’ve used for 11 halfs. Since we’re on the same schedule, we are doing as many of our long runs together as our schedules will allow.

This morning Adrienne had an errand to run at the Franklin Farmer’s Market so she picked me up and we took off from there. That was my first time to visit the market and it won’t be my last!

Thinking I knew how many miles we were supposed to cover today, I didn’t double check Hal’s training plan and I told Adrienne we needed to do six. I’ve misplaced my Spybelt, so I left my phone in the car, which meant I was at Adrienne’s mercy if I wanted pictures taken along the way. Adrienne’s a pretty nice lady, so here are the pics. Click on any one of them to enlarge and read the pithy cutlines.


When I got back home I checked the training plan and discovered we were only supposed to cover five miles today. I fessed up to Adrienne, who responded that she was glad to be an over achiever. Atta girl!

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