Why I’m Group Coaching about Holiday Stress

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve designed a group coaching class for people who want to reclaim their holiday joy and reduce the stress.

This three-week class was inspired by one of my coaching clients. Last year she indicated she wasn’t looking forward to the holidays the way she used to. We spent several of our coaching sessions exploring the topic. I’ll let her tell you how that worked for her.

I’m a classic holiday “over-doer.”

I’ll just bake a few more dozens of these.” 

“Sure, I’ll host the impromptu holiday dinner party.”

“I’m tired of the commercialism, I’m going to MAKE all my presents this year!”

But over the past few years I’d begun to dread the upcoming holiday season, normally my favorite time of the year.  My list of self-imposed “I have to” items became insurmountable, and all I wanted to do was dim the lights and wait for January to arrive.  I was desperate for help to sort it all out … I wanted my joy back!

Fortunately, I realized I could use some of our coaching sessions to address this.  Pam, I don’t know how to begin to thank you!!!  I was shocked. You understood! You knew EXACTLY what questions to ask to help me quickly access the situation, and you helped me discover WHY I was doing this to myself. I gained helpful tools and methods to turn my thinking around.  You knew how to help me dive in and really CONSIDER what I was doing.  I’m so relieved.  The holidays were a breeze!  This was the very best present I could have given myself.  THANK YOU!!!

I realized that coaching can help others reclaim their holiday joy and I wanted a way to offer this experience to more people. I hope you’ll visit the link at Eventbrite to learn more and get ready to enJOY the Holidays.

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