A Mini-release

Last week hubs was a speaker at a conference in Phoenix and I got to tag along. I had many interesting experiences and I’ll share some of them in upcoming posts. For today, I’d like to tell you about landing in Phoenix.

I have mild vertigo and turbulence makes me feel…turbulent. Hubs thinks I’m afraid when the plane hits air pockets, but that’s not the case. I’m dizzy. And I mentally fight turbulence as if I can will it to stop. We hit such an air pocket during our descent. I instinctively grabbed the seat in front of me and every muscle in my body stiffened. My physical and mental responses were making everything worse. Then I remembered my word for 2015: release. I decided to perform a mini-release right there in that big metal tube. I released trying to control the turbulence and just let it wash over me. I was still dizzy but I was less stressed about it. Soon we were out of the air pocket and landing.

Releases don’t have to be huge, like losing 100 pounds or letting go of anger that’s been fed and nurtured for 30 years. Releases can be a momentary letting go of anything that is not serving me. I was happy for the reminder. And later I was rewarded with this view.



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