In honor of Sid Busch


I’ve got Sid Busch on my mind.

I met Sid four years ago at the Airforce Marathon Expo. We became Facebook friends and I’ve followed him ever since. Sid runs marathons, always with an American flag in hand. He runs each event in memory of a fallen member of the military.

That Airforce  marathon didn’t end so well for me. I made it to Mile 21, but got swept from the course along with everyone behind me because I didn’t make it to a checkpoint in time. So far that’s been my only marathon attempt, but 26.2 remains on my bucket list.

But back to Sid. He’s finished plenty of marathons, but he’s had a couple of DNFs due to health events experienced on the course. Once of the things I admire about him is he keeps getting back out there. In fact…

Tomorrow he returns to Dayton, Ohio for…are you ready?…his 200th marathon!

Google Sid Busch and you’ll find videos and articles about his mission to honor those who died serving the United States. Here’s a short one to whet your appetite.

Tomorrow morning and friend and I are going on a training run. We’ll be doing 22.6 fewer miles than Sid will run. While I’ll be enjoying some beautiful Middle Tennessee scenery I’ll be sending thoughts and prayers towards Dayton.

Update: Sid made it to Mile 21, but not before the cutoff and he had to take the marathon’s bus to the finish. The EXACT thing happened to me in 2o11 when I attempted to complete the Air Force Marathon. Sid is a trooper and he’s already scheduled his next marathon. I have no doubt 200 it close at hand.

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