Pomp and Circumstance

Last month I submitted documents requesting graduate status from my advanced coaching program. Earlier this month I learned I had successfully completed all of the requirements. I graduated!

Today happens to be my 54th birthday. One of my first thoughts when I awoke this morning was gratitude. I’m grateful for a lot of things, but today I am especially grateful that when I was 50 years old, I didn’t listen to a little voice inside me that said I was too old to return to school. I also didn’t listen to the voice that told me one career is enough. (In addition to being an Associate Certified Coach coach, I am a Certified Fundraising Executive and I enjoy working in two fields.)

When I was 50 I felt a very real calling to begin studying the coaching field. I wasn’t looking for something else to do; I like to say coaching found me. Here’s the thing, the years were going to pass by whether or not I went back to school. So I found it difficult to buy into the mindset that I was too old.

I still feel that way today. Years are going to pass by whether I “go for it” or sit on the sidelines. Why not pursue experiences that will bring me joy and fulfillment?

Is there a dream or goal that you have parked because you think you are to old?

Don’t believe everything you think!

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