My 9/11 Remembrance

Considering today is an anniversary of horror and sadness, my morning gave me so much joy.

I am a member of the American Rose Society. The society encourages its members to give away roses on September 11 and to decorate the vases with red, white and blue ribbon. There were so suggestions about who the recipients should be, just give away those flowers.

It just so happens I have an abundance of blooms right now. Last night I cut flowers, did a bit of arranging, and hot-glued ribbons onto the vases jelly jars. Given the significance of the day, I decided to deliver one arrangement to a fire station near my home, and the other to a police precinct near my office.

911 flowers

Judging from the cautious looks of the firemen when I walked in the station, they don’t receive many visitors, especially at 6:45 a.m. When I told them why I was there, their faces lit up. The man who took the arrangement told me he was going to place it in the center of the dining table for everyone to enjoy.

Next it was on to the police precinct. When I arrived an officer was leaving the campus to begin his shift. With a concerned look on his face, he asked if he could help me. When I explained what I was up to he told me the doors to the precinct were still locked, and quickly added, “but I’ll take them!” He got out of his car for the hand off. When I told him the flowers came from my yard and he said, “Aw! That is so sweet!” He thanked me again and as he returned to his car I noticed he had a huge smile on his face.

Blue Lives Matter

Blue Lives Matter

I tell you this not to brag. Trust me, I got more joy out of gifting flowers than did those who received them. I’ve been in the best mood all day. I think God placed in each of us a “happiness chip” that’s activated every time we do unto others.

We are living in trying times with political unrest, racial division, Isis, poverty…the list goes on and on, and it can be easy to dwell on the negative. I challenge you to give giving a try. Pick a flower from your yard and give it away, deliver a neighbor’s mail and newspaper to the doorstep, visit a skilled nursing facility.

I promise, it will activate your happiness chip.

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