My Really Good Bad 5K

I was registered for the Franklin Classic 5K on Labor Day. I’ve done this event once or twice before. The start and finish are on the Historic Franklin town square, about 30 minutes from Nashville. The course sends runners past beautiful homes and it’s just a really nice event.

I awoke with sinus congestion in my chest, something I’d been dealing with for a few days. I desperately wanted to stay in bed; I certainly didn’t feel like running a 5k. I decided a good compromise would be to get up, head to the race site, and walk the 3.1 miles.

I felt pretty good for the first 1.1 miles and was walking at a nice pace. I’d be able to finish the 5k in under 50 minutes. Then something strange happened. My right foot cramped and the pain nearly knocked me to the ground. I have a lot of issues with both feet. The right one required surgery a few years ago and it continues to give me fits from time to time. I limped the second mile and wondered if I would even finish. By 2.6 miles the pain had slowly left me but I’d lost a lot of time. I let go of my hope of finishing in under 50 minutes and settled on just finishing, even if it took more than an hour.

When all was said and done I finished in 59 minutes, not bad for having a chest full of phlegm and limping the middle portion of the course. But you know what? I’m as proud of that 5k as I am of those when I did well by my standards. It’s easy to stay on the course when you feel great. It’s tough when under the weather and in pain.

For such a bad 5K, it was really good.



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