A New Tri Friend

A wonderful, young couple moved in to the house next door about a year and a half ago. We’ve had a smattering of conversations, all very pleasant, but I can’t say I know them very well.

Two weekends ago they were outside and I ran over to ask a quick question. They were  in a hurry to pull out of the driveway and I noticed a bike was racked on the back of their car.

“We’re leaving town because I have a triathlon tomorrow morning,” said the Mrs.

“A what?” I asked, excitedly.

When I told her I used to do tri’s and plan to do another this year, she said we’d have to do one together.

I’m thrilled to have another triathlon friend. If you’ve been reading this blog a while you know I have a wonderful training partner, Lynn. She is and always be my Training Partner #1. But our schedules haven’t been gelling lately and I HATE going to triathlons by myself. My neighbor and I are making plans. Stay tuned!


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