My Second Outting with the Running Club

Last night I joined my new running club for the 2nd time. Hubs and I missed last week as it was my mom’s birthday.

The new friend I ran with two weeks ago stayed with a runner who was having a foot problem so she paired me with a lovely young lady who serves as a mentor for one of our local Fleet Feet stores. She was a constant optimist. Every time I groaned about the heat she would respond with, “but you should be proud of yourself for being out here.”

We covered 2.5 miles. During the second half of our outting, my plan of equal parts running/walking turned into a lot of walking with a smattering of running thrown in. I’m still not acclimated to the heat and this has me a bit concerned as I am about four weeks away from a triathlon in Alabama; however, I need to remember my goal: Just Finish, Have Fun, Feel Accomplished.

I’m so glad I joined this running group. I find the running community to be a friendly, inclusive tribe, but this bunch takes that to a whole new level.

Do you run with established groups or clubs? Brag about them in the comments section.

Nicest running club on earth. source

Nicest running club on earth. source

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