I was a grumpy spinner

Yesterday morning I awoke to overcast skies and a gentle rain. It was the perfect weather for sleeping in, and I wanted to sleep as late as possible before getting ready for church. The night before I told myself I needed to make an early morning spin class. The alarm clock sounded too early for a Sunday morning.

The entire time I was packing my gym bag I was having an internal argument. Part of me was begging to stay home until church time. Another part of me kept announcing I have a triathlon in five weeks. I needed to spend some time in the saddle and peddling.

I dragged my grumpy self to the Y and set up my bike. In walks the instructor who always picks great songs to spin to. For example, on the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles’ appearance on the Ed Sullivan show, he began class with one of their tunes. He didn’t mention the occasion but all of us over 50 folks exchanged knowing smiles. While I’m not a regular in his class I’ve always enjoyed his play lists…

…until yesterday.

For those of you who are Alanis Morissette fans, please forgive me. I don’t like her music. At all. Well, I sort of like that song, “You Learn,” but that’s really about it. I’m sure she’s a lovely woman, she’s just not my cuppa. And that’s what made yesterday’s spin class so tough to endure. Every other song was an Alanis tune. No exaggeration. Every other song. I couldn’t wait for class to be over.

I’ve not spent enough time on the bike and my mileage isn’t where it should be. Yesterday’s spin class gave me 15 more miles. I know spin isn’t the equivalent of outdoor cycling, but I peddled consistently for a length of time, time made even longer thanks to Alanis. My triathlon includes a 16-mile bike component, so yesterday’s class moved up my confidence by a notch or two.

Here’s the thing. Every training session is not going to be a fun one, but I need to get them in. I’ve slept in too many times in my life because wasn’t in the mood to work out. I know in five weeks I can either have a somewhat enjoyable time on the course or I can have a miserable time. I won’t be able to control the heat and humidity, but I can control whether or not my cycling legs are in condition.

It’s really up to me and my attitude. I’m glad I pushed through yesterday’s negativity.


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