Back in Training

After a nagging little health issue that finally went away, after a head and chest cold that began Memorial Day weekend, after a week of staycation where gardening was my exercise of choice…

Triathlon training has begun. I’ve set my sights on a sprint event in early August. This event takes the place of the May sprint I was training for before the above mentioned nagging health issue sidelined me. The distances are a 600 meter swim, 16-mile bike ride and a 5K. It’s doable but at my current level of conditioning it will be a challenge. And I love a challenge.

On Saturday morning my friend and training partner, Lynn and I did a bike/swim “brick.” It wasn’t pretty. I dropped my bike chain three times due to poor gear shifting. We rode for 6.4 miles which took forever due to my mechanical issues. Then we swam 600 meters. We agreed it was the slowest 600 meters of our lives due to um…not swimming, but we were glad to know we could complete the swim portion if the triathlon were being held today.

Sunday morning I did hill work in lieu of running. I live at the bottom of a very steep hill which currently takes me 10 minutes to walk. When I was almost to the top, I felt my neighbor’s dog’s mouth on my calf. He didn’t bite but gave me a good scare, what with all the barking and growling (the dog, not me). I completed the hill and walked back to my house to collect myself.

This morning I cycled 6.3 miles on a bike trainer.

I’m one of those people who’s more consistent with my workouts when I have an event on the calendar. Except for the encounter with the dog, it feels great to be back in training.

I’ve missed this.

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