I ditched my workouts for a week

I enjoy spending time with hubs, but when he was away last week for a business trip I could not have been more pleased. Why? It happened to be a week of mild temperatures and low humidity and I had more time in the yard!

Because I was the only person at home I closed down the kitchen, ditched the gym, and spent every possible moment gardening after work. I didn’t feel guilty about not having formal workouts at the Y because mowing with a push mower and hauling bags of mulch provided great exercise. Trimming the shrubs with manual hedge shears meant my triceps felt the burn.

I’m typically a weekend warrior type of gardener, so the extra time in the yard really paid off. I enjoyed the change of pace from swimming, biking and running, and because my deferred triathlon isn’t until August 8, I still have time to prepare.

This week it’s back to my regular routine of working out before heading to the office, but last weeks break did my mind, body and soul a world of good.

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