Noticing the Neighbors

From my back yard I can see the backyards and back of houses in an adjoining neighborhood. I don’t know anyone who lives “over there” but from time to time I hear people outside talking, so I know the neighborhood is occupied. While planting rose bushes on Saturday I saw a lovely sight. A couple who lives in the house directly behind mine were seated on their deck enjoying their morning coffee. I’ve never noticed them before. I waved, got their attention, and wished them a good morning. They waved back and told me how much they enjoy seeing my roses in bloom. We talked for a few minutes about the joys of gardening, then I got back to planting and they resumed their relaxing morning.

This couple inspired me. I’ve shared here before I move through the world better when I have margins of time built into my day. While weekdays find me at the gym before going to the office, there is no reason I can’t take my Saturday and Sunday decaf outside. I don’t have to linger for hours. I can sit and enjoy the outdoors after my Saturday morning workout and before church on Sundays. The point is, I want to continue to find ways to slow down, enjoy the fruits of my yard work and relax…

to literally stop and smell the roses.


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