Tri Training: This Week Will Be Better

Last week, my first week of training, I managed to complete three workout sessions. Only three. I did one swim, one bike and one run. I blame a lack of planning, temporary laziness, and Stevie Wonder.

Lack of planning: while I have a training plan, I’ve never been one to enter training sessions into my calendar. I just expect to wake up every morning and magically know what to do. That must stop. Yesterday I took a moment to cross-walk my training plan against my actual work schedule. All five of my prescribed training sessions are entered into my schedule for the week.

Laziness: by last Friday I was in TGIF mode and I blew off going to the gym that day.

Stevie Wonder: He was in Nashville Tuesday night and some friends and I went to the show. Little did I know he would play past midnight. I got home around 1 a.m. and slept as late as possible before having to go to work on Wednesday. The show was fabulous by the way. Here’s a clip I found on YouTube. Why was Steven Tyler on stage, you ask? Rumor has it he’s in town recording a country album. He was spotted later in the week at a local barbeque hangout.

So, again, this week is all planned and it will be better.

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