What I Learned About Myself During The Ice Storm

Like many parts of the county, Nashville experienced its share of winter weather last week. We didn’t get Bostonian levels of snow; we got ice. Lots and lots of ice. With some snow on top.

Last week taught me a few things about myself:

I can chill…productively

I recently told you how I struggle when I don’t have lots and lots of tasks on my do-to list. I’ve been attending to this issue by spending more time being still and mindful. I’m glad this epiphany came to me a few weeks ago; otherwise I might have gone crazy last week.

Our city pretty much shut down in the beginning of the week. My office was closed Monday and Tuesday. While I got a lot done, I did everything at a very relaxed pace. I continued my 2015 Decluttering Mission and wrote the Sunday School lessons I’ll be teaching my mom’s class next month. A coaching client was snowed in (she lives up north) and so we moved a phone session scheduled for Wednesday evening to Tuesday afternoon. It felt good to be productive at a very relaxed pace.

Our office observed a “work from home” day on Wednesday. I completed a project I’ve been wanting to get off my desk. I worked diligently but not frantically. When the day was done I felt accomplished and centered.

I’m Slowly Learning What It Means to Be Content

Thursday was an “in the office, but on a snow schedule” day. Before I knew whether or not I’d be going into the office, I was fine with whatever decision would be made. Once I got off my ice-covered street it felt good to get out of the house, but I would have been fine to work from home. I wasn’t experiencing the cabin fever I was reading about all over Facebook. Contentment felt nice.

I have First World problems

Before the roads became passable I came dangerously close to running out of Kerrigold and Greek yogurt. Those are First World problems, y’all. We had food in the house and our electricity didn’t go out. More importantly, my mom had enough food at her place and she had electricity all week. Not everyone was so fortunate. I am grateful for our creature comforts.

I’m getting nervous about next month’s half marathon

I missed an entire week of training and I’m beginning to stress a bit about how much that’s going to hurt me on March 14 when I do my first half marathon in more than two years. Two years is along lay off. One week feels like a long time not to train. This is a “life on life’s terms” situation so I’m trying to practice the art of acceptance, emphasis on trying.

I’m grateful to have experienced last week without going stir-crazy, but please, bring on spring!


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