Counting my blessings… not my candles!

Y’all, a friend of mine turns 50 today and I love what she wrote about it. Enjoy!

Clean Slate Club

Today is my 50th birthday.  Now for those of you (especially some of my coworkers who thought I was in my 30s (bless you), this age of mine will come as a shock!  Yes, it’s true. I am officially 50 today.  The BIG Five-oh!  Wow!  How did I get here?

I’ve not been looking forward to this birthday really, and I have been telling myself, it’s juvictoryst a number, it’s just a number. And indeed, it is justa number, but it’s a pretty significant number.  For me, it’s more than a milestone – it’s a victory lap.  I’m here.  I’ve made it this far. And, God willing, I’ll live to be a nice, ripe old age.  I owe that to three important people in my life that weren’t as lucky — my Dad, my Mom, and my Brother — who each died in their early…

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