January’s Release

Before I welcome February, I’d like to celebrate January. I just completed my first month of my year of RELEASE.


While I haven’t completed every mission on the January schedule, I am still using the plans found on this website. So far I’ve donated 22 pounds of stuff to our local thrift store. Why do I know the poundage? Because the store partners with local nonprofits and for every 10 pounds donated, the store provides a $1 voucher. My church uses those vouchers for our homeless/in-need ministry.


I’ve really cleaned up my food plan (except for last night’s Super Bowl party). I’m using the My Fitness Pal ap and that keeps me accountable. If you want to connect with me on MFP, my handle is Pamojamo. And of course, half marathon training means I’m getting lots of exercise. Now, the amount of weight I released in January is a bit extreme, so I need to give a disclaimer. A couple of months ago my doc gave me a blood test which showed I’ve gone through menopause. But Mother Nature played a cruel trick on me and on one particular week I lost 10 pounds. My doc thinks the uptick in my running caused one “last hurrah.” If I experience another last hurrah I’m under doc’s orders to get an ultrasound. Here’s hoping I don’t have to do that. With all that being said, I lost 17 pounds in January.


I’m so glad I discovered how busy-ness has negatively impacted my life. My rewiring takes daily maintenance, but I am doing the footwork. I discovered Wunderlist.com and that’s where I now keep my task lists. The things that have to be done on a deadline are assigned a reminder. My other tasks are undated and I am learning to “get to them when I get to them.” I am beginning to embrace calmness.

Bring on February!


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