I Get To…

Over in my fundraising job, we are on-boarding two winter interns. One will report directly to me; the other will report to someone else in my department. Last week I took them out for an afternoon of site visits to give them a better understanding of our organization. While in the car I asked the intern who is not reporting to me what she’s going to be working on over the next few days. Her response?

I get to call area restaurants to request gift certificates for the silent auction.

I told her I was impressed that she chose to say she gets to rather than she has to. That led to her telling me how grateful she is for the internship and the experience she’ll be gaining this semester. I’ve thought a lot about that conversation and how one three letter word can change the dynamic.

  • I don’t have to run eight miles this weekend; I get to run eight miles. There are people who can’t run and wish they could.
  • I don’t have to go to work; I get to go to work. There are people who wish they had jobs. I am grateful to have not one, but two fulfilling careers: fundraising and life/career coaching.
  • I don’t have to check on my mom every day; I get to check on her. I know so many people who would give anything for one more conversation with their mom.
  • I don’t have to volunteer at ESL; I get to volunteer. I’ll admit, I can be selfish with my time. But once I’m in the classroom, the stories I hear from those who recently moved here from other counties make me grateful to live in the good old U.S.A. (regardless of my feelings about our politicians on both sides of the aisle 🙂 ).

This week it’s my intention to focus on all of the things I get to do…and feel grateful.


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