Gettin’ My Om On

The organization I do fundraising for offers a weekly yoga class downstairs from my office. I can purchase eight classes for the crazy-fabulous price of $36. I’ve worked in that office for two and a half years and I’ve never bothered to take a class.

I’m too busy. I’m so stiff I’ll look stupid compared to all of the students who’ve been studying for years. Yoga is too slow. My brain won’t slow down so that I can relax.

Does that sound like a bunch of lame excuses? You’re right. So three weeks ago I mustered up my nerve and bought a book of eight classes. I’ve attended three of them so far.

They are wonderful! Yes, I have trouble slowing my mind, at first. Yes, I am much less limber than the other students. But I decided I don’t care. And the other students aren’t paying attention to me anyway.

Yoga isn’t about competition. It’s about meeting myself where I am and relaxing into gentle improvements…improvements over time.

I think I’m going to enjoy this weekly slice of “me time.”


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