A Lesson in Powerlessness

computer prob

I recently received a two-week lesson in powerlessness. Our desktop computer crashed. Hubs is a very techie guy so thinking it might be a virus, he spent a few evenings after work trying to get everything cleaned up. When that didn’t work he took it to a computer hospital and the official diagnosis was a fried hard drive. The patient made a full recovery and is finally back home.

During the past two weeks I’ve been unable to blog. I didn’t know how much I’d miss writing my little ramblings until I could no longer write and post them. Also, the various coaching business notes I keep in Excel files had to be documented on paper…with a pen! Oh, the horror! There were countless other inconveniences throughout the two weeks. How I’ve become accustomed to having a computer!

It wasn’t lost on me that this crisis was taking place during Thanksgiving season, I time when Americans reflect on the things for which we are grateful. It also wasn’t lost on me that our problem was a decidedly First World issue. So I chose to treat this as an exercise in powerlessness and acceptance.

Guess what? I survived. I concentrated on the things that were going smoothly. I made handwritten notes that I’ve since transferred to the Excel files. I found other workarounds.

Am I glad our computer is back? Of course! But the two-week inconvenience didn’t require drama and gnashing of teeth. I kept telling myself, “it is what it is.”

And I remembered to be grateful.

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2 Responses to A Lesson in Powerlessness

  1. wf7i says:

    Our iMac crashed a couple weeks back. In our house I’m the techie, and although I rescued our data, I couldn’t bring back the Mac. I also suspect the hard drive but will need to bring it in somewhere. It is amazing how much you realize you rely on these things when they go down.

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