How to Survive a Pancake Breakfast

I serve as the Development Director for a Nashville nonprofit agency. We have seven centers that serve older adults and each center holds fundraising events throughout the year. I feel a responsibility to attend and support. There’s always food on hand, and sometimes I have to make adjustments in order to remain grain-free. Last Saturday I attended a pancake breakfast. Oy vey! Here are the steps I took to stay on my nutrition plan.

  • I passed a Starbucks on the way and I treated myself to a sugar-free latte.
  • I packed a grain-free protein bar and ate it just before walking in to the breakfast
  • I had a piece of sausage, but passed on the pancakes
  • I mingled and met new people
  • I took photos to post to my agency’s social media accounts
  • I shopped the book sale at the library that’s house in the same building. Books were $2 each for hardback and $1 for paperback. I made out like a bandit!


So there you have it. If there’s a will, there’s a way. If you’re grain-free, what are your tricks to staying on plan in social situations?

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