Snapshot Saturday: The Belmont University Rose Garden

A few weeks ago I noticed several rosarians I follow on social media (Redneck Rosarian, Ms. Rose Diva, and The Garden Diary) were posting photos of the rose garden at Belmont University, my alma mater. None of them live in Nashville (although two of them grew up here) so I was tickled to know they were in town for a visit.

The fact that Belmont has a rose garden was news to me. The university’s First Lady, Judy Fisher, is a past board member of an organization I used to work for, so I sent her an email and asked if she would give me a tour of the garden. Not only did she do that but she surprised me with a campus tour so that I could see all of the growth that’s taken place over the past few years. I didn’t take the time to document the roses as I photographed, so if you recognize any by name, feel free to leave a comment.

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2 Responses to Snapshot Saturday: The Belmont University Rose Garden

  1. Jared Porter says:

    I remember the rose garden! Beautiful!

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