My Halloween Fun

Welcome to my favorite day. I. Love. Halloween. It brings out the kid in me.

A couple of weeks ago I told you about my thoughts on ceasing to put off those “some day I’m going to…” activities. I hinted that I’d share with you something I’ve jokingly called a bucket list item. Well, drum roll, please…

I was a character in a Haunted House, or more specifically, a Haunted Theatre.

Hubs and I are haunted house connoisseurs. We go to a couple of them every year. For YEARS I’ve wanted to do work in one, but by the time October rolled around I’d not given it a thought and figured it was too late to join a cast. I always told myself I’d do it next year.

The organization I work for as a fundraiser has a subsidiary community theatre company. During a managers’ meeting it was announced that the company was producing a Haunted Theatre and they needed more characters. I quick mental scan of my calendar told me I was free two of the three evenings. My heart leaped!

My role was to play a ghostly nun who was exorcising spirits from a crazed man, otherwise known as my coworker, Joe. Yes, I know exorcising is typically a priest’s role, but we took poetic license. We had a blast. I gave it my all, wanting to provide a bone chilling experience for our patrons. I received a high compliment from a strapping man of about 6’4″. I followed him around and I overheard him tell a buddy, “she’s really giving me the creeps.”

Mission accomplished.


I’m so glad I didn’t postpone Halloween fun for another year.


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