Groundhog’s Day, Round 2

Remember the groundhog that keeps invading my yard? I saw him again last week.

I’ve noticed that my baby squashes were disappearing before they grew large enough to harvest. I’d been wondering if the groundhog was the culprit. While I haven’t caught him stealing squash…

While on the phone last week I was gazing out the window, watching the hummingbirds. I looked down to find the groundhog in my tomato bed, up on his hind legs with a ripe, juicy tomato in his paws. He was gnawing away just as happy as could be. I banged on the window and he made his escape.

I’m happy to supply my mom, neighbors and coworkers with tomatoes, but not the groundhog. This is war. Game on.

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2 Responses to Groundhog’s Day, Round 2

  1. Denise says:

    Bill Murray could handle him…!

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