No Grains, No Potatoes, No Problem

You’re probably thinking, “Oh, crap. She’s posting about her wheat struggles again.” I’ve posted countless times about giving up wheat, only to confess later that I picked it back up. I’m highly sensitive to wheat and eating it makes me feel bad. So why do I do it? Um, it’s addictive, that’s why.

I recently did some serious soul searching about my food choices. The fact that I continue to eat wheat after swearing it off tells me this is something I need to address.

A few weeks ago I got a big dose of inspiration from a co-worker. We were having a pizza party. This co-worker brought a salad and skipped the pizza. She clearly wasn’t feeling well due to the fact that she was on her first week of eating Paleo. It would have been very easy for her to have caved, but she stuck with her convictions that she was doing the right thing for her health.

While I’m not ready to go full-on Paleo (don’t get between me and a nice hunk of aged cheddar) I have become willing to give up all grains, white potatoes and corn. I’m two weeks in and aside from congestion and sneezing fits I attribute to grain detox, I feel pretty darn good. I’ve had sugar cravings off and on, but they are becoming less noticeable.

It’s been a good time of year to begin this way of eating because my humble little garden is really producing.


One morning’s harvest. And there’s more to come.

I’ve learned not to declare I’ve sworn off pizza forever. This is a one day at a time proposition.


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3 Responses to No Grains, No Potatoes, No Problem

  1. Catherine says:

    Great attitude taking one day at a time! 🙂

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