It’s All About the Prep

I spent yesterday afternoon doing something I haven’t done in quite a while: I food-prepped for the week. This used to be a weekend habit, and I just fell out of the routine.

Among other things, I made my morning juices and froze them. Yes, I know fresh juice is best, but juicing each morning was taking away from my time at the gym. I can’t have it all, so I’m making choices. Each morning I’ll pull a juice out of the freezer and it will be thawed enough by the time I get to the office three hours later.

My kitchen window provides me a great view of my backyard. Yesterday I noticed a visitor lurking in my herb garden, one that I’ve seen in my yard many times.


This is a blurry photo of a groundhog getting very close to my basil.

We used to have a dead tree in our back yard. We finally had it cut down. It was so hollow inside, we realized we had removed the groundhog’s man cave. Poor little fella thinks he still lives in our yard.

After food prepping I went outside to compost the pulp created by my juicing. Hubs made a remark about my having to face off with the ground hog. I got the feeling he was looking forward to some entertainment. Sadly for him, our tenant had left without incident.

After composting, I made a quick pass through the vegetable garden and picked some things for my neighbor. I’m now harvesting daily and it’s a real treat to share the bounty. I hang a bag of goodies on her door, ring the door bell and leave. Later I get a text from her thanking her “veggie fairy.” So fun!

From the garden to my neighbor's house in less than 10 minutes. Fresh is best!

From the garden to my neighbor’s house in less than 10 minutes. Fresh is best!

Life’s hectic enough without having to do meal prepping every day.  I woke up this morning feeling prepared for my day and my week. The time I spent yesterday on meal prep was an investment in my sanity. And I love sanity.

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