Cool Gardening

This week Middle Tennesseans have been waking up to 60 degree temperatures and practically zero humidity. That’s unheard of! This morning I treated myself to an early morning gardening session and never broke a sweat.

From the looks of things I’m about a week and a half away from a bumper crop of tomatoes. My mom and my aunt, both in their 80s love them as do several neighbors. I’m glad to know I’ll have some left over for me after I share.

For years I’ve tried to grow crooked neck squash to no avail. This morning I saw my first ever little squash. I didn’t see any companions though. Thankfully, hubs hates squash so their won’t be any wars over who enjoys this bounty.

The banana peppers are about a week away from being ready to eat. I saw one bell pepper. I don’t like bells, hubs loves them. Again no arguments.

As I’ve said before, gardening, whether it be flowers of vegetables, feeds my soul. This morning my soul is full.

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