Lessons In Juicing

Mean Green juice.

Mean Green

In April I told you about purchasing a juicer. Fresh juice has become my breakfast of choice on most mornings. I know I don’t eat enough vegetables day in/day out, so juicing has become my solution to adding important nutrients to my diet. I’ve learned a few things via trail and error. Learn from my victories and defeats, Grasshopper.

  • Juicing beets makes my kitchen look like a crime scene. When I crave a beet-based juice, I bite the bullet and buy one from a local juice bar.
  • Each week I buy the ingredients for my basic juice recipe, the “Mean Green” featured in Joe Cross’ film, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Here’s the recipe. I only use one apple instead of two.
  • I store my day’s juices in green Mason jars. When I take a jar to church to sip on while I teach Sunday School, I will receive query after query about the “gross-looking” stuff I’m drinking. If I don’t want to field the questions, I can drink the juice before Sunday School.
  • Buying all of the extra vegetables has increased my grocery bill. I wonder what I’ve stopped buying that’s kept my grocery bill flat.
  • The pulp from my juicing does not go to waste. It goes in the compost tumbler. Winning!
  • I can make 32 ounces of juice and complete the clean up in 30 minutes or less. That’s not a bad time investment.
  • It’s best not to sip a carrot-based juice while rushing out the door wearing a white shirt. Don’t ask me why I know this.

Fellow juicers, I still feel like a newbie. What tips can you share? What’s your favorite recipe? Hit me in the comments section.

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