Burger With a Side of Remorse

For some time now I’ve enjoyed the feeling that comes from eating fruits and veggies, most in the form of freshly made juice; lean meats; Greek yogurt; no wheat and a very small amount of other grains. But on Monday, poor planning led to poor decision making.

Early that morning I made my juices (two 16 oz servings) and packed them in my cooler. Once I got to work I made my herb tea and enjoyed that and my juices throughout the morning while working at my desk. I had a 2 p.m. appointment with one of my organization’s donors which would give me time to have a late lunch before driving to her home.

The donor called mid-morning to verify our appointment. She mentioned that it had been a while since she’d been to the store and she needed to scrounge up something for lunch but there wasn’t a lot of food in the house. I offered to pick up lunch for her and she happily accepted. She wanted a burger from a fast food restaurant. I won’t mention which restaurant, but they serve Frosties. I was happy to run the errand for her. Unfortunately, I didn’t budget enough time to 1. eat my planned lunch at my desk, 2. grab her lunch, and 3. arrive on time for the appointment. One of those three things would have to go, and I chose to skip eating my lunch.

I was starving when I arrived at the fast food place. I’m sure you know what happened next. I grabbed a burger and fries for myself.

I used to eat food like that on a routine basis, almost daily, in fact. But after not eating that way for some time, it went down like poison. I immediately felt too full and had the long-forgotten sensation of heartburn. Thankfully, I managed to not fall asleep on he donor’s comfy couch and we enjoyed a great visit.

Later that night I grilled chicken for dinner. I baked a potato for hubs and I ate a small side of fruit salad. In other words, I was back on board the healthy eating train.

Here’s the thing. The old me would have copped the attitude of “Well, I’ve blown it so I might as well eat junk the rest of the day.” That all-or-nothing attitude got me no where. Yes, I ate a junk food meal. One meal. But I took the remorse and physical discomfort I felt and channeled it into making a better choice for the next meal.

Over time I’ve learned that one bad decision regarding food doesn’t have to mean a day’s worth of poor eating. I’m tired of “starting over tomorrow.” I’d rather start over today.




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1 Response to Burger With a Side of Remorse

  1. JoAnn Jolly says:

    That’s right. To quote a fabulous old lyric, “One bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch girl!” Good job with staying on track It’s great advise.

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