The Grocery Store Diaries: Holding a Grudge

I’ve written here and here about a few of my encounters at the grocery store. I don’t know why, but all I have to do is look and smile at someone and they start sharing. Maybe I emit some sort of Life Coach vibe. I don’t mind though; people need connections.

I recently had another encounter. I’d just finished loading a week’s worth of groceries on the conveyor belt and the associate was already scanning my haul. I turned around and a lady was behind me with just a handful of items. I told her I wished I’d seen her sooner so she could have cut in front of me. She told me she was in no hurry.

She proceeded to tell me that the checkout line to our left had no one in it, but the cashier in that line was once mean to her. “I swore I’d never let her wait on me again.”

Well, I don’t know what happened between the cashier and that customer. It may have very well been a negative exchange. But I doubt the cashier has thought twice about it while the customer is nursing a grudge.

Wise people have taught me that holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to get sick. I was sorry to hear of this lady’s grudge but it inspired me to take a personal inventory. Am I holding on to any past hurts? I couldn’t think of any, but I found it to be a good exercise.

I wonder what life lesson my next trip to the grocery story will bring.

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