Motivation Monday: Taking Responsibility

That Tweet right there was posted by Craig “Crowie” Alexander, a triathlete of the highest level. He’s won the Ironman Championship in Kona, for goodness’ sake.

When he was disqualified from a recent triathlon for not wearing regulation clothing during the swim portion, rather than taking a don’t you know who I am attitude, he took responsibility for not knowing the rule. I find it unbelievable that a race official didn’t recognize him and give him a head’s up. Rather, he found out he was disqualified after he swam.

It’s very possible that Crowie would have won the race and pocketed some prize money. Racing and endorsements are his family’s livelihood. But the way he handled his DQ was an object lesson for his fans.

It’s called integrity. It’s called maturity. And it’s called being a class act.


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