Chicken Poop!

Y’all! I’ve got new neighbors. They built a chicken coop. I’m getting the chicken poop! I couldn’t be more excited.

Cool coop.

Cool coop.

Our mutual next door neighbor introduced me to the new Mrs. I told her I’d heard they’d built a coop and I thought that was fantastic. She took the hint and invited me over for a look. It’s a really nice coop, in my humble opinion. After a little new neighbor small talk I asked what they were doing with the poop. Undaunted by such a personal question, she told me that she’s been guiltily throwing it out with the trash. I offered to take it off her hands for my many garden uses. She’s thrilled; I’m thrilled.

Later than night I Googled chicken manure and learned that due to the high nitrogen content it needs to rest for a few months before adding it to soil near plants. I’ve got a raised bed I’m preparing for fall veggies so I’ll start adding the droppings there.  I also have a compost tumbler so the extra poop will have a home while it’s doing whatever poop does to release extra nitrogen.

Meeting the new neighbors.

Meeting the new neighbors.

Oh, and the hens will begin laying in July. I’ve already told New Neighbor that I’d like to be one of her paying customers. I think I’m going to like these new neighbors…and the human ones, too.

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