Motivation Monday: Meet a 91-Year-Old Marathoner

Those who’ve been around this blog a while know a few things about me:

  •  I love a good active aging story.
  • I’ve run 10 half marathons
  • I’ve made one attempt at a full marathon and got swept off the course at Mile 21
  • My training has slowed down due to a pretty big foot surgery last February and a hernia surgery this February
  • Yet the marathon remains on my bucket list

At age 52 I’ve sometimes wondered if I’ll ever complete that marathon. Enter Harriet Thompson, who at 91 just set an age-group record for the 26.2 mile distance. And get this: she didn’t run her first marathon until age 76.

This week I”ll complete Couch 2 5K (more on that in a future post), and if my feet remain kind to me I’ll slowly build up my mileage over the summer in hopes of a fall half marathon. As for when I’ll decide to train for a full marathon, I really don’t know. Harriet Thompson has reminded me that I’m not on a tight deadline.

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2 Responses to Motivation Monday: Meet a 91-Year-Old Marathoner

  1. I love this, what an awesome woman and inspiration. There is hope for me yet!

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