My Homemade Trail Mix

From time to time I get a craving for something sweet, but I have to be diligent about avoiding sugar. Enter my homemade trail mix.  Have I told you about it? I didn’t think so.

I take a bar of very dark chocolate that contains 90% cacao. I divide that into one square per serving and chop the square into coarse pieces. To that I add one tablespoon of raisins and one tablespoon of chopped cashews. You can substitute any nut you happen to like.

I put everything into individual containers and pop them in the fridge.


This snack does not create sugar cravings for me. The tiniest amount is very filling and I’ve been known to keep pre-made servings in the fridge for weeks. There’s no way a milk chocolate bar would last a day in my fridge let alone weeks.


I’d love to hear about your very low sugar snack ideas. Hit me in the comments section.


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