A few weeks ago I received word that I’ve earned the Associate Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation. My coach and I had been anticipating this news for a while now and she’s been encouraging me to think of a way to celebrate the accomplishment once it was official.

Celebrate? Hmmm. What to do? What to do? The answer came last Saturday while I was enjoying the Urban Gardening Festival.

I bought a rose-bush. My first ever rose-bush.

There is a rosarian in the Sunday School class I teach. I’ve been pestering her with rose questions for years. Last year she invited me over to tour her garden. It was impressive and I was hooked. And so on Saturday I spent a lot of time at the Nashville Rose Society booth. I pestered and pestered and the nice folks manning the booth couldn’t have been nicer or more patient. They steered me towards a Dick Clark (Grandiflora) because they thought it was a good choice for a newby. I planted it that afternoon, carefully following the instructions the nice rosarians gave me. I’m withholding showing you a photo until I see the first bloom.

So why a rose-bush to celebrate a coaching credential? I didn’t want to gift myself something that would later be forgotten. Roses require care and attention. I have much to learn before I purchase my second, third and eightieth rosebush. I hope Dick Clark will be kind as I make inevitable mistakes. Every time I tend to Mr. Clark I will be reminded of the unmistakable calling I received at age 49…to go back to school to learn a new profession that helps me serve others in a unique way.

And I’ll be reminded that at age 52, I’m not too old to learn to grow roses.

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