Are You Fed Up?

Bravo to Katie Couric and Laurie David for producing the movie Fed Up. I’ve heard this advertised as the movie the food industry doesn’t want us to see, so of course I want to see it. I’ve written here many times about my outrage over the way the food industry creates Frankenfoods designed to addict us. Those foods addicted me and I live with disordered eating tendencies every day of my life. While I don’t believe there is a cure, thankfully it’s manageable when I pay attention to my physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Fed Up opened in select cities on May 9 so if you live in one of those areas, you have my apologies for not posting this sooner. For the rest of us, here’s the movie’s website where you can find a list of cities and dates for screenings.

And here’s the movie trailer.



You’re welcome.

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  1. Thx, sounds interesting.

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