My Juice Fast

A friend and I have been talking for months about doing a three-day juice fast. We finally landed on Monday as our start date. I’m happy to report I completed it successfully. Now I’m trying to decide whether to go another day or two solo.

I really believe in the health benefits of adding juice to my daily food plan. I also believe an occasional juice fast is good for me. Joe Cross, one of the people responsible for bringing juicing back to its current popularity calls it a “reboot.” He does a reboot every three months. I believe his lasts for seven days.





Becomes this. Breakfast of champions.


I knew I’d be able to complete a three day fast. Before my umbilical hernia was diagnosed in February, I had some fear about the pain and swelling in my stomach and I was afraid to eat. I juice fasted for two days and only broke my fast at the end of Day Three because I needed some solid food in order to take pre-surgery antibiotics.

Day 2: I had a 6 a.m. work commitment so I bought my day's juice.

Day 2: I had a 6 a.m. work commitment so I bought my day’s juice. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

I’m not going to lie. This week has been tough. Thankfully I had a lot of meetings and projects to occupy my thoughts. But last night I was so hungry I thought I could eat rocks. This experience has given me a whole new appreciation for people who live with real hunger day in and day out. And I’ve lost 11 pounds.

As I said, I haven’t yet decided whether I’m going to juice today or break my fast at lunch. I’ve already enjoyed 16 ounces of “mean green” and I have another 16 ounces in the fridge. Later today, if I decide to break my fast with a nice salad, I’ll do that. If I decide to keep juicing, I’ll do that. In other words, no pressure.

Is juicing a part of your regular routine? Have you tried a full on juice fast? I hope you share your experience, strength and hope in the comments section.

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