I’m Doing C25K

I look forward to wearing another bib, hopefully in about six weeks.

I look forward to wearing another bib, hopefully in about six weeks.

As I shared in a recent post, my surgeon has cleared me to “ease in” to working out. I tend to have an all or nothing personality, and the concept of easing in can sometimes be lost on me.

I’m training for a 20-mile, organized bike ride on that takes place May 17. I also want to do a triathlon this summer. But in all honesty I was only beginning to get back into running following a lengthy recovery from foot surgery when surgery for a nasty incarcerated umbilical hernia sidelined me for six weeks. As far as running goes, this former (and future) half-marathoner is starting over at Ground Zero. Sigh.

I’ve decided the best way for me to follow the doctor’s orders to ease in to running is to follow the Couch-to-5K Running Plan. I’ve never before followed this plan, even though I’ve recommended it to others. I began on Sunday.

Here’s my commitment: I will not under any circumstances deviate from the plan, no matter how badly I may wish to skip ahead. I have several reasons for this:

  • I want to experience the full plan, just as it is written, so that the next time I suggest it to someone else, my suggestion will be based on my first-hand knowledge
  • I hope this plan will keep me injury-free after so much time of inactivity over the past year
  • The plan alternates running with walk breaks. I want to work on my speed during the running portions

I look forward to letting you know how this goes.

What about you? Are you a C25K alum? What do you think about this plan? Hit me up in the comments section.



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3 Responses to I’m Doing C25K

  1. It was the C25K program that got me started in running. I loved it as it kept me on track with a very simple plan. Also, that I can use my own music was a bonus. I highly recommend the program.

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