Fitness Plan, Revisted. Entering Second Quarter


Today is the second day of the second quarter of 2014. I’d divided my fitness plan into fourths and it’s time for me to review the quarter that’s ended and tweak next quarter’s plan accordingly.

First Quarter: Original Plan

January – March: This quarter I will focus on dialing in my nutrition. I’ll focus my workouts on rebuilding my fitness base. I’ll mix up the week with walk/running, indoor cycling, swimming, weight lifting and stretching. I’m also going to get aggressive in dealing with this tendonitis.

First Quarter: The Reality

I remain wheat-free and I gave up all grains for Lent. As far as exercise, well, I didn’t exercise between February 10 and March 26 due to a fun little health issue. That fun little health issue took my mind off of dealing with the tendonitis.


Second Quarter: Original Plan

April – June: This quarter I’ll begin triathlon training in earnest. The workout plan from the first quarter should have helped me build my base for this, so it won’t feel like I’m at Ground Zero. I’m already eying a triathlon that takes place in mid-May, and there’s another one in June that’s caught my attention.

Second Quarter: Tweaked Plan

I’ve decided my best course of action is to plug my first quarter workout plan into this quarter. So I’ll I’ll focus my workouts on rebuilding my fitness base. I’ll mix up the week with walk/running, indoor cycling, swimming and stretching. I’m no longer training for the mid-May triathlon. I’ve replaced that with a 20-mile organized bike ride in Kentucky, therefore cycling (indoor and outdoor) will comprise the majority of my training. I’m not sure when I’ll reintroduce weight lifting. There’s still a lot of healing going on from the surgery. I intend to remain grain free.

The lesson here is that a setback doesn’t provide an excuse to give up! I plan to keep moving forward.

What about you? Did you achieve your goals for the quarter? Do you need to tweak your plan for the months ahead? It’s ok to do so, you know…


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