Still Grain Free, Mostly


I have to say, I thought giving up all grains for Lent would be dreadful. I’m surprised at how easy it is. Maybe that’s because I’ve been mostly wheat-free since December 26.

Here’s a little confession: Because the Lenten season doesn’t include “giving up” on Sundays, I imbibed in some Sabbath non-wheat grain products. And I paid the price. My nose didn’t just run, it poured. I was exhausted and foggy all day. I took a long nap which made falling asleep that night extra challenging, especially because I was trying to go to sleep immediately after watching The Walking Dead. “Stare at the flowers, Lizzie.”

Hippocrates famously said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” I’m beginning to think abstaining from certain foods is equally medicinal for me.

Disclaimer: I am not a health care provider. In this blog I share my own experience strength and hope as I travel a road to physical, emotional and spiritual health. Consult your physician for the plan that’s best for you.

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