Reuniting With My Surgeon


I see my surgeon today. It will be my first meeting with him since my February 21 incarcerated umbilical hernia surgery; I saw his nurse a few weeks ago for suture removal.

I am filled with curiosity. Was I born with this hernia? What can I do to prevent another one? And my most burning question, WHEN CAN I WORK OUT AGAIN? I’m sure my Y is falling apart without me, and it’s finally Spring. I’m ready to get out there!

My surgeon is notoriously late for his appointments, but he is such a nice man that once he’s in the room, I forget about the extra hour wait time. I plan to settle in waiting room with a good book, relax, and await hopefully good news.

Wish me luck. I feel a lot of optimism about this appointment. I’ll share the deets on Wednesday.

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