Something to Look Forward To

A scene from my last organized ride,  the Femme Fondo in Leiper's Fork, Tennessee.

A scene from my last organized ride, the Femme Fondo in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee.

As I mentioned Monday, I’m in a slump from not being able to work out. I know, that pales in comparison to problems other people face. But a slump is a slump.

Prior to finding out I needed surgery,  I was training for a May 17 triathlon. I’d not yet registered, thank goodness, but I was swimming, biking, running and lifting with May 17 in mind. My training partner, Lynn is already registered. I’ve removed the triathlon from my calender. I don’t yet know when the surgeon will release me to work out, and even if I can begin training on April 1 (unlikely) I don’t want to cram in a lot of extra training and risk injury.

Enter Lynn. She called and asked what I thought about a May 17 bike ride in Kentucky. It’s an organized ride produced by a local bike club there. I pressed Lynn about her triathlon. She assured me she’s thought about it and she’d rather do the bike ride. I accused her of feeling sorry for me, but she insists this is the event she’d rather do. The triathlon company will allow her to transfer her registration fee to another event, so thankfully she isn’t out any money.

I see my surgeon on Monday for a follow up visit. Based on past conversations, I expect to be out of the gym two more weeks. Even still, I know I can train up for a 20-mile ride on a flat course by May 17.

I’m grateful to have an athletic event to look forward to. Man, I need it.

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1 Response to Something to Look Forward To

  1. Razspyce says:

    That is great news! Having that even to look forward to will help you out of your funk as well. Good Luck!

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