Motivation Monday: This One’s For Me


My gym bag, which I used to keep easily accessible, is now living in the bottom of a closet.

It’s been five weeks since I set foot in the gym: two weeks from the time the hernia appeared to surgery and tthree weeks post-op. I have at least another three weeks to go before I can even think about working out. That’s a long time when you’re used to working out five or six times a week.

I was at the grocery store last week and walked by the magazine section. I saw the latest issue of Runner’s World and I walked right by it. I haven’t read last month’s issue which is here at the house.  I realize I’m in a slump. I miss the gym. I miss the endorphins.

So today’s Motivation Monday is for me. I saw this clip on my cyber-friend’s blog and I’ll probably watch it several times over the next few days. (Thanks, Fat Guy To Tri Guy!)

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