Who Keeps Me Healthy?

The American Recall Center recently invited me to write a post for possible inclusion in its Who Keeps You Healthy on-line campaign. That’s a no-brainer and it’s been too long since I’ve written a heart-felt thank you to my friend/training partner/sometimes coach, Lynn.

Lynn and I met at the Y about six years ago and we’ve been friends ever since. You name the sport and Lynn is faster than I am yet she’s never made me feel inferior. She was by my side during my lowest low, athletically speaking: my unsuccessful attempt to complete a marathon. She was there at one of my highest highs, my first triathlon finish. Here are just a few other ways Lynn has kept me healthy and motivated while training:

  • During an 18-mile run in 103 degree heat, Lynn ran the first nine miles with me, then rode her bike along side me for the last nine. My f-bombs during the last two miles didn’t dampen her loyalty.
  • During a triathlon for which I was not well-trained, she sacrificed her own time and stayed in the back of the pack with me. I was never alone on the course.
  • During a 20 mile training run, Lynn planned a new route for me in a beautiful, bucolic area THAT ALSO HAD RESTROOMS. She followed me in her car for the entire route and kept me hydrated with COLD water she’d packed.
  • When I began to question the Hal Higdon training plan I was once following, Lynn gently but firmly reminded me that Higdon knows more about running than I do and I should shut up, stop thinking and just follow the plan.
  • Even now as I recover from my recent surgery and am following the surgeon’s orders to not work out, Lynn is talking to me about runs will we do together at beautiful Percy Warner Park once I’m cleared to do so. Frankly, I need something like that to look forward to.

I believe everyone needs a “Lynn” in their life and I am so grateful for mine. So, Lynn, if you are reading this, thank you!

Lynn (right) and me trying to smile and not look exhausted following a half marathon.

Lynn (right) and me trying to smile and not look exhausted following a half marathon. She’s the best.

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