Viva la Grain Free!

My first week of completely grain-free living has gone surprisingly well. My first brush with temptation came Friday night when hubs wanted to go to a Mexican restaurant. This place is a step up from the Tex-Mex places that are on just about every corner in the U.S. The menu is varied and I knew I would find an entry that didn’t contain grains.

But I forgot about this…


The FREE chips and salsa that come with every meal. Why does something being free make it so much more tempting? But I remembered that I’m doing this for Lent and I didn’t eat a crumb.

I scanned the menu and decided to play it safe and order chicken fajitas. The dish came with rice and beans. I simply asked the server to hold the rice and the tortillas. It was delicious and I didn’t miss grains at all.

muy delicioso!

muy delicioso!

Saturday night hubs and I went to my niece’s birthday party. The menu was a Mexican buffet. Because I’d already had a practice run the night before, I had the chicken, beans and fixin’s but no rice or tortillas. Another delicious grain-free meal.

The 100% compliant Wheat Belly followers are completely grain and sugar-free. They claim that once off of grains, hunger pangs and cravings become very mild. I experienced that on Saturday night. It took a much smaller quantity of food to make me feel comfortably full, and the birthday cake, while very pretty and yummy looking, didn’t call my name.

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