Post-Op Update


I had my first follow up visit on Friday. I wasn’t scheduled to see the surgeon, but his nurse removed my stitches and replaced them with little steri-strips. My navel is stuffed with steri-strips.

I have to say, I’m impressed with my surgeon’s handiwork. Given the size of the incarcerated hernia, I expected to have a big ol’ scar on my stomach. But the suture line is pretty much contained in my navel. I’m not sure why I’m so relieved, it’s not like I’m a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

The nurse was amazed by my lack of bruising. She told me it’s obvious I’ve been following doctor’s orders to rest, stay away from the gym, and not lift anything heavier than 15 pounds. I was proud to be a gold star patient.

My pain is almost nil, but fatigue is still very much with me. After overdoing it on Thursday, I slept much of Saturday and Sunday. I’m now back at the office, but I have an understanding boss, and when I get too tired I go home and finish my tasks from there. Hopefully the fatigue will be behind me soon.

I have an appointment with the surgeon on March 24. I hope to leave that appointment with clarity about when I can start working out and at what intensity. Until then, I remain under the 15 pound lifting restriction. I’m allowed to walk a bit, but no speed walking or building mileage.

I’m so grateful for the support I’ve received on this blog, private messages on Facebook, and in the form of old-fashioned get well cards. Thank you!

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