Three Angels Helped Me Yesterday

The fabulous and massive Music City Center. source

The fabulous and massive Music City Center. source

This post was almost titled, I Almost Fainted at the Music City Center. I overdid it yesterday.

There was a gathering of fundraisers at the new and fabulous Music City Center. My surgeon would have preferred I stayed home all week, but  he agreed to let me attend.

Music City Center is massive. I bumped into Susannah somewhere between the parking lot and our meeting room. During our long walk, I became woozy and I knew I needed to sit down QUICKLY. Susannah, aka Angel 1 parked me on a bench, found our room, came back to me to report the room was open and seating was available.

Once seated I realized I didn’t bring bottled water and there was none at check in. Susannah left and a few minutes later returned with six $3.00 bottles: two for me, two for her and two for anyone else who sat at our table. Cheryl (Angel 2) arrived and sat with us and before I knew it I had two friends waiting on me hand and foot. They brought me my lunch so I could remain seated. They fetched paperwork that pertained to the meeting. They were just fabulous and I don’t think I would have lasted through the five-hour event without them.

I decided to leave the meeting about 20 minutes early in order to get ahead of the crowd that would soon swarm the parking lot payment kiosk. I ran into a friend, Kim, who had the same idea; she needed to leave early to pick up her son from school.

To my horror, the credit card machine ATE MY CARD.

I was weak and fatigued and there was no seating. Kim and I pushed every button a number of times to no avail. I called the Music City Center and got the robo-operator. Of all of the options I was given, “Dial 2 for Operations” seemed like the logical choice. After letting the phone ring, oh, 20 or 30 times, I called the main number again, this time hitting Zero as soon as I heard the robo-operator’s voice. A real, live human being answered. I told her my dilemma and she assured me someone would be right over to assist me.

Ten minutes later I called again. I could hear the panic in my voice as I told her I was recovering from surgery and I HAD to get to my car quickly. She responded that the service tech had come by but didn’t see me. Ugh. Kim and I had been on lookout and we never saw anyone who seemed to be looking for us. Bless Kim, aka Angel 3. She had called the school to let someone know she would be late. She didn’t want to leave me in crisis.

Another ten minutes and two calls later, in rolls a technician on a Segway. “Are you hear to help me?” I asked/screamed? He was and after a bit of tinkering he retrieved my credit card. I may or may not have mentioned it would be fantastic if he comped my parking. He did! (Angel 4?)

Once home I just crashed.

It’s true what they say about needing lots of rest following surgery. It’s also true what they say about people needing people. I have a huge independent streak and I sometimes struggle with accepting help.

Yesterday I was too weak not to accept it.

And today I am exceedingly grateful.

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