Training, Interrupted (By Surgery)


The past two weeks have been a whirlwind. Here’s a recap.

Saturday, February 8: I experienced a sudden onset of stomach pain while on the elliptical trainer. I have a high pain tolerance, so of course I ignored it. Pain persisted for the remainder of the day and evening.

Sunday, February 9: I took an early morning spin class, felt uncomfortable then went to church (I know). After church I realized a had a large, painful knot in my stomach just above the navel. I panicked and paged my doctor. She thought it might be a hernia. She didn’t think I needed to go to the emergency room but she wanted to see me soon. That night Hubs and I went to the Johnny Lang concert at the Nashville Symphony Hall. I did my best to enjoy the show, but worried that some alien life form was going to explode through my stomach.

Wednesday, February 12: I saw my doctor. She was concerned and baffled because the skin covering the knot had become red and angry-looking. Before I knew it, she had talked the folks at the diagnostic lab into seeing me that afternoon for a CAT scan. She asked me to wait at the lab until the doctor there read my results and called her.  My doc called me at 6 p.m. The scan confirmed I had a hernia with infection. I was to see a surgeon.

Wednesday, February 19: The surgeon read my labs, looked at me and said, “We have to hop on this.” The hernia was incarcerated, which is considered an emergent situation. The good news is there was no intestinal involvement; only subcutaneous fat. He instructed his nurse to schedule the surgery on Friday.

Friday, February 21: Surgery Day. The procedure took less than an hour and a half. I was home by 6:30 that evening.  I felt like I had done 1,000 crunches with a knife in my gut.

I’ve been resting since Friday. By Sunday I’d switched from the prescribed narcotic to Motrin. I feel remarkably well and if I feel up to it tomorrow I’ll likely go to the office for a few hours (my surgeon has approved this, but he warned me to be rigorously honest with myself regarding how I feel).

Obviously, I’ll have to alter my training plan. I’ll know more about that in the weeks ahead when I have follow-up visits with the surgeon. For now I’ll just focus on taking it easy and recovering.

This is just another “life on life’s terms” situation and I’ll handle it as such.

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10 Responses to Training, Interrupted (By Surgery)

  1. A. says:

    Hope you are fully recovered soon! (: How many days do you think it will be until you can train again?

  2. Kat - MFU says:

    Sounds like you’ve had quite a time of it lately. Hope you’re feeling better soon x

  3. Rebekah Hayes says:

    Wow!! So glad you’ve got this taken care of & it wasn’t any worse than it was. I hope you continue to feel better every day.

  4. thasinski says:

    Hang in there. Get better. Get running.

  5. Trust me when I say, do not push it after surgery. Take it easy and fully recover before doing too much. Get well soon.

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