Motivation Monday: The Happiest Guy In The Gym

There’s this guy who goes to my gym. He’s usually dressed in red. His cardio of choice seems to be one of the stationary bikes or the recumbent bike that also has arm handles that move back and forth. He always has a smile on his face. But the thing I enjoy most about him is…

He upper body dances while on the bike and he full body dances while walking from one weight machine to another.

One day I told him how much I love watching him dance around; he looks so happy.  Ever since then, he and I speak and he always has a huge, infectious smile. This morning I realized that while we are on speaking terms, I don’t even know his name. I’m going to fix that. I’m making it my mission to get acquainted with this gem of a guy.  I want as many positive, happy people in my life as I can find.

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